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     Rebecca is a multi-disciplinary artist based on the Maine Coast. Rebecca's background is in darkroom printing & analog photography, however she is not only a photographer but a painter, illustrator and a fiber artist. Inspired by the throws of life's unexpected highs and lows, Rebecca weaves together pictures and scenes of sea faring mermaids and oceanic wanderlust. With a more sensitive look, Rebecca's artwork explores a romance with yourself - finding strength, light, and complexity from within even at the darkest of times. Color, gesture and surrealism are key themes across the expansion of Rebecca's work. Her current aspirations as an artist are about trying things that seem ridiculous and pushing the boundaries of the traditional techniques she adores.  


    As a freelance artist, Rebecca creates creative work for individual and commercial clients, and takes commissions for custom artwork. Large painted murals, wall-sized woven tapestries, paintings and pet portraits are some of the custom creations Rebecca will design for a client. 

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